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Who We Are

It Takes a Village to Make a Festival. This is our Village.

Artistic Director (CEO) Emily Sexton
Executive Director (CEO)Paul Gurney
Artistic Program Manager Meg Hale
Business Manager Lucy McNamara
Marketing & Development Manager Nicole Smith
Marketing & Development Coordinator Alex Sadka
Program Coordinator Daniel Santangeli
Associate Producer Kristy Ayre
Associate Producer Dave Sleswick
Associate Producer Erica McCalman
Associate Producer Kyle Kremerskothen
Admin & Ticketing Coordinator Max Foskey
Volunteer Coordinator Katherine Palella
JUMP Program Assistant Laura Couttie
Digital Media Intern Jean Kemshal-Bell
Media & Communications Intern India Farrar
Administration Intern Joe Scott
Curatorial Interns Carmel McKie, Anita Spooner, Frances Wilkinson
Publicist Tim Jones
Editor & Publications Coordinator Alice Blackwood
Design Andrew Murray (Gatsby), Thomas Green, David Pesavento
Web Development Fine Thought
App Development Art Processors
Risk Management Consultant Bill Coleby

Next Wave Board
Janenne Willis (Chair); Kath Papas (Deputy Chair); Chetan Arjun (Treasurer); Justin Hooper, Martyn Coutts, Matt Williams, Bo J. Svoronos, Eugenia Lim, Andrew Mackinnon.

Curatorial Advisory Committee
Tony Albert, Robert Walton, Kelly Fliedner, Jess Devereaux, Anthony Hamilton. With thanks to Serena Bentley, former Artistic Program Manager, for her involvement in the curation and conception of the 2014 Festival.

Blak Wave publication contributors
Tony Albert, Troy-Anthony Baylis, Richard Bell, Clotilde Bullen, Bindi Cole, Megan Cope, Jason De Santis, Dale Harding, Roy Kennedy, Colin Kinchela, Celeste Liddle, Emily McDaniel, Tahjee Moar, Kyle Morrison, Kimberley Moulton, Djon Mundine, Laurie Nilson, Liz Nowell, Steaphan Paton, Ryan Presley , Reko Rennie, Carly Sheppard, Lucy Simpson, Tiddas Take Back, Jason Wing, Chantelle Woods.

Text Camp 2014
Kyle Walmsley mentored by Robbie Coleman (The Thousands); Matilda Dixon-Smith mentored by Katia Pase (Going Down Swinging); Aodhan Madden mentored by Max Olijnyk (Broadsheet); Amelia Wallin mentored by Maggie Gray (this is tomorrow, UK); Eleanor Zeichner mentored by Diana Damian (Exeunt, UK); Pippa Milne mentored by Dan Rule (Vault); Shankar Kasynathan mentored by Alison Croggon (ABC Arts); Beth Caird mentored by Dylan Rainforth (Art Guide Australia).

And the following people, who we adore. Thank You
The bold and brave Next Wave Festival 2014 artists, our incredible volunteers, Kate Sulan (who retired from the Next Wave Board in 2013 after 10 years!), Past interns Daniel Baker, Michelle Gordon, Tom Gittings and Sophie Fosdick-McGrath. Jacqueline Doughty, Pip Wallis, Karra Rees, Danny Lacy, Kelly Fliedner, Simon Maidment, Debbie Pryor, Jenny Niven, Stephen Armstrong, John Wilson, the crew at Captains of Industry, our family, partners, housemates, neglected pets and plants who put up with this – and know it’s worth it!

We respect your privacy, you will choose what to share. For more information refer to our terms and conditions.

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