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Article 14.1

Phuong Ngo

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This project is supported by the Victorian Government through Arts Victoria

Article 14.1 will explore the Vietnamese refugee narrative through video, photography, installation and performance. Living off the limited supplies of Vietnamese boat people, Phuong Ngo will inhabit the No Vacancy Gallery space for the duration of the Next Wave Festival 2014. He will occupy the time by folding origami boats out of hell money to be burnt at the conclusion of the Festival. Audience members are invited into the space to partake in the work at small tables that will dot the floor of the gallery. While assisting in folding paper boats, viewers will listen to the recorded stories of Vietnamese refugees.

Article 14.1

Date: 1 - 11 May

Location: No Vacancy Gallery, 34-40 Jane Bell Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000

Time: Gallery Hours: Mon to Sun 10am - 8pm, 11 May 10am - 3pm

Accessibility: Wheelchair Accessible

Notes: Note: Please remove shoes to enter carpeted/rugged areas

Ticket Prices: Free

Closing Boat Burning Ceremony

Date: 11 May

Location: Southbank Spillway, Southbank Promenade, Southbank Promenade Southbank VIC 3006

Time: 5pm - 7pm

Accessibility: Wheelchair Accessible

Ticket Prices: Free

Phuong Ngo

Article 14.1 has been assisted by the Victorian Government through Arts Victoria, the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body and the City of Melbourne.

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