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Can We Please Play The Internet?

Curated by Rosemary Willink

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Can we please play the internet? is an international exhibition of new works about, for and performed through the internet by artists, musicians and historians. Curator Rosemary Willink brings together seven artists from across the globe who share a willingness to tinker with the tools of the net (both on and offline) to broaden the physical context of internet art.

Magic Cookie by Andrea Buren and Eleonora Sovrani is an on-going project to visually expose the patterns of Internet search. Magic Cookie subverts the top-down, search engine experience by building one powered by humans.

Musicians Angus Tarnawsky and Nathan Liow expose sonic phenomena associated with the vast physical network that enables the internet in four performances of Artifacts over the course of the exhibition.

Janine DeFeo and Paul Zaba productively question the representation of knowledge on Wikipedia in the work, If you are looking for information about historical events or other things that happened in the real world, you are on the wrong page!

Ilya Milstein presents excerpts from The Gift, a narrative staged within an Argentinean apartment in the late 1980s and centres upon a failed attempt to create an alternate to the World Wide Web.

Can We Please Play The Internet?

Date: 11 April - 11 May

Location: West Space, Level 1/225 Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Time: Tues to Sat 12pm - 6pm, Sun 11 May 12pm - 6pm

Accessibility: Wheelchair Accessible

Notes: Opening 10 April 6pm - 8pm. Artist Talk: 8 May 5.30pm - 6.30pm

Ticket Prices: Free


Date: 12 April, 3 & 10 May

Location: West Space, Level 1/225 Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Time: 1pm

Duration: 1hr

Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible

Notes: Nathan Liow and Angus Tarnawsky’s performance piece Artifacts sees the two musicians collaborate in real time over the internet from Melbourne and New York.

Ticket Prices: Free


Rosemary Willink: Curator
Janine DeFeo and Paul Zaba: Participating Artists
Andrea Buren and Eleonora Sovrani: Participating Artists
Angus Tarnawsky and Nathan Liow: Participating Artists
Ilya Milstein: Participating Artist

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