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Drifting Right

Deborah Pearson

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Do you lean right? Do you vote Conservative? Do conservative principles align with your own? Next Wave and Canadian artist Deborah Pearson invite you to participate in Drifting Right. Each encounter is a private conversation between one audience member and Deborah, while they actually ride in a canoe together.

Co-piloting a canoe and conversing about politics, together you and Deborah will use your political compasses to navigate the personal, local and global points of the political debate. A left-wing progressive, Deborah is interested in having a dialogue with individuals who identify with the Conservative side of politics. This is a boat that could capsize, and this is a piece about working together.

The private conversation between Deborah and the audience member may be recorded, to ensure Deborah is able to recollect the nuances of each discussion. Some participants will be invited to speak publicly about their experiences at Breakfast Club on Sunday 11 May.

Drifting Right is an attempt to establish a better conversation between left and right, and further understand what it means to identify with a country, a group, or a side of the brain.

Audiences are selected by ballot and will be co-piloting a canoe with the performer. Life jackets will be provided, but it is recommended that you are a confident swimmer and have had some experience with a canoe.

Participation is at your own risk. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your session time for a safety briefing. Wear comfortable, weather-appropriate clothing and footwear.

Drifting Right

Date: 7 - 10 May

Location: Fairfield Park Boathouse, Fairfield Park Drive, Fairfield, Victoria, 3078

Time: Wed - Fri 2.30pm, 3.15pm, 4pm, Sat 11am

Duration: 30 mins

Accessibility: Not accessible

Notes: This is a free event selected by ballot. Click the Book Tickets button to participate.

Ticket Prices: Free

Sold Out

All purchases are handled through Eventbrite. For details see our Terms and Conditions.

Breakfast Club - Curated by Deborah Pearson

Date: 11 May

Location: The Wheeler Centre, 176 Little Lonsdale St Melbourne VIC 3000

Time: 10 am

Duration: 90 mins

Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible

Notes: This is a free event, but bookings are essential.

Ticket Prices: Free

Sold Out

All purchases are handled through Eventbrite. For details see our Terms and Conditions.

We respect your privacy, you will choose what to share. For more information refer to our terms and conditions.

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