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The Club 3.0

New Heroes

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Netherlands-based theatre troupe New Heroes wants to know: What are we fighting for? And what is a good fight? The Club 3.0 is not a play, it’s a club in which people can fight, talk, blow up ideas and rebuild them again. This is a club where you search for your role in society.

Taking its cues from the 1996 novel and 1999 film, Fight Club, Lucas de Man and Michael Bloos use a mix of performance, voluntary fighting and open dialogue to explore new visions for effective political change.

“I came into the piece… expecting to be solely entertained. Instead I left the play believing it was a creative, innovative piece that was brilliantly constructed from start to finish.” Backyard Opera

“I can guarantee this is the best people-watching event going ’round.” Concrete Playground

The Club 3.0

Date: 1 - 4 & 7 - 11 May

Location: Arts House - Meat Market, 5 Blackwood Street North Melbourne VIC 3051

Time: 9.30 pm

Duration: 90 mins

Accessibility: Wheelchair Accessible

Notes: Warnings: This performance contains some fight scenes. IMPORTANT INFORMATION: During The Club 3.0, twelve audience members are invited to voluntarily participate in controlled fight scenes. Patrons who are intoxicated cannot volunteer and all participation is strictly supervised. Safety Precautions & Waiver apply

Ticket Prices: $23 | $18

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New Heroes

Lucas De Man Artistic Director, Performer
Michael Bloos Performer
Mats Boswijk Production Manager
Wouter Goedheer Managing Director

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