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Next Wave Podcasts

By Next Wave / 5 June

The 2014 Festival was full of exciting conversations, new provocations and stories from new perspectives. From our keynote initiative Blak Wave, to our highly popular Breakfast Club series at the Wheeler Centre; our free talks program covered everything from sexism, conservatism and critical theory to chaos, rebellion and climate change.

If you missed out on any of it – never fear! We’ve been carefully recording all along and now have the very best of conversations distilled down to easily digestable chunks for your listening pleasure. Check it out below! All podcasts recorded live at Melbourne’s The Wheeler Centre as part of Next Wave Festival 2014.

Rebellion and Tomorrow : Five provocative speakers question the present and provoke the future.

Listen as outliers and visionaries explore small rebellions lived large. Representative democracy, marriage, newspapers: so many grand narratives are coming to the end of their time, experiencing repeated challenges to their use for contemporary problems. In this moment of transition: what does real change feel like? Who has the truly rebellious ideas, and how do they spread?

In these podcasts, be inspired by Erik Jensen (Editor of The Saturday Paper), Laura Bates (founder of the Everyday Sexism Project), Phuong Ngo (visual artist), Dr Alan R Duffy (expert of the universe) and Georgie Mattingley (visual artist).

Breakfast Club: Embracing Chaos
“One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star.” – Friedrich Nietzshe

In this Breakfast Club we invite two provocateurs from the arts and sciences to consider how embracing chaos might be a powerful strategy for living in a world we don’t quite understand.

Curated by Laura McDermott, Co-Director of UK’s Fierce Festival, this podcast series includes Tania El Khoury (Next Wave Festival artist) and Pierre Proske (Director of Media Lab Melbourne). Recorded live at Melbourne’s The Wheeler Centre as part of Next Wave Festival 2014.

Breakfast Club: Sleepwalking Through Fire
Cold Facts, Hot Futures –  Three speakers dive into climate change and other crises.

Society often skirts around the big issues of the day, rather than face them front on. It’s hard being honest about the serious environmental and political problems we’re facing – even with ourselves. Eventually though, reality intrudes. What role does culture play in how we engage with the real world? And how might new narratives and perspectives help guide us towards hopeful new futures?

Curated by Matt Wicking, Arts House Greenie-in-Residence, this podcast series includes Matilda Dixon-Smith (Next Wave Text Camp writer and editor of You’re Dripping Egg) Geoff Lemon (Editor of Going Down Swinging) and Eliza Muirhead (Visual Media Producer on board the Sea Shepherd’s The Steve Irwin).

Breakfast Club: Blak Wave
“How do we listen when we can’t hear?” Four speakers dive into Australia’s cross-cultural relations

Wading through white noise and good intentions. When it comes to cross-cultural relations, Australia musters a B-. Often less. Cultural misunderstandings continue, and yet an exciting new wave of Indigenous stories, ideas and perspectives is readily available on our screens and in our cities’ cultural programming. A number of recent high profile theatre works have seen collaborations between white and Indigenous artists, prompting questions of creative control. So as we strive for progress, the skill of listening – quietly, openly and generously – is more critical than ever.

How do we ask the right questions? And how do we give the right answers? What role does a slower pace have in learning something new? How do you listen?

In this podcast series, you’ll hear Emily McDaniel (Assistant Curator Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art at Art Gallery NSW), Lorna Munro (of performance collecitve Tiddas Take Back), Paola Balla (community and visual artist) and Uncle Jack Charles (performer and national treasure).

Breakfast Club: Drifting Right
Time to talk politics – Three speakers from the arts, politics and sociology discuss newly conservative Australia and the health of the conversation between Left and Right to further understand what it means to identify with a country, a group, or a side of the brain.

With your political compasses at the ready, join Deborah Pearson (Canadian performance artist), Nick McGowan (Liberal Politian), and Professor John Carroll (sociologist at La Trobe University).

Blak Wave: Opening Night Panel

Sitting at the centre of Next Wave Festival 2014 is Blak Wave: seven new art projects, a rollicking talks series and a new publication exploring what’s personally, politically and artistically Next for Australia’s Indigenous peoples. Opening the conversation and deepening the debate, the Blak Wave talks series asks contemporary artists and curators from across the country to explore the future of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art, and artists.

In this podcast, listen to project contributors and curators Tahjee Moar and Tony Albert alongside artists Clinton Nain, Destiny Deacon and Virginia Fraser as they discuss the future of contemporary Indigenous art. Hosted by the always inspiring, provocative and entertaining artist Richard Bell (NITV’s Colour Theory).

For more Next Wave podcasts, visit our Soundcloud page right here

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