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Artist Profile: Bomb Collective

By Next Wave / 4 May

Architecture is about creating, building new spaces, enhancing and adding to a landscape. Considering this, bomb Collective, a group of Adelaide artists with a background in architecture and landscaping, wondered how, with an over-exhausted planet, we can continue pretending that when we build other things are not displaced.

Their 2014 Next Wave project, Shift, explores this idea of displacement, and begins on-going conversation about space, excess and renewal. During the festival, bomb will compulsively clean the State Library’s iconic steps in 10-hour shifts, removing the dirt, grime and dust. Everything they remove will be kept as a reminder that you can clean, shift or displace – but you can never really get rid of things –  it all accumulates.

Let us for a moment consider dust a s a means to re-imagine the intent, purposes, behaviors and potentials within space. Dust has no perimeter, it has no inside or outside. It cannot be controlled, it moves freely with unbiased direction. It expands, contract, plagues and cloaks. If has neither from nor boundary, it takes on the boundaires and the surface on which it lands, coating and becoming the form of another. It  seems passive. Yet dust measures and accentuates forms and surfaces. It relieves in the sense that it sets free, opening forms and redefining them….

bomb collective (Ellen Buttrose, Jessica Miley &  John Pagnozzi) in The Next Wave Festival 2014 Magazine.

This morning, Triple R’s SmartArts was broadcast live at the State Library Forecourt as artist-architects bomb Collective began their first shift cleaning the iconic steps.  Host Richard Watts was joined by Next Wave artists James Welsby (HEX), Anna McCarthy & Allison Wiltshire (Madonna Arms), Gavin Walters and Colin Kinchela (SEAN JORVN), and Smell You Later curator Katie Lenanton as bomb worked away. It looked something like this. Read more about Bomb Collective and their project Shift in the 2014 Next Wave Festival Magazine.

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