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Artist Profile: Sarah Aiken and Rebecca Jensen

By Next Wave / 6 May

Where does spirituality fit in the modern world? Melbourne-based choreographers Sarah Aiken and Rebecca Jensen explore this concept in OVERWORLDtheir Next Wave Festival 2014. Blending yoga, paganism and other ritualistic practices with pop culture references, OVERWORLD examines our search for spirituality in the digital age.

The concept for the show came about after Bec and Sarah (who are also behind participatory dance-come-yoga workshop Deep Soulful Sweats) traveled to Germany to attend a witch camp, under the tutelage of famed Wiccan High Priestess Lexa Rosean. Wearing a robe, Nikes and cargo pants, Rosean would upload her spells onto a MacBook Pro. This image of the ancient and new colliding brought about questions of access and superficiality. With everything at our fingertips in this day and age—they wondered—what is ours to take?

Catch OVERWORLD at The Substation until 11 May. More info here. Images Gregory Lorenzutti.

Gregory Lorenzutti-overworld-0156 Gregory Lorenzutti-overworld-0286 Gregory Lorenzutti-overworld-0389 Gregory Lorenzutti-overworld-0402 Gregory Lorenzutti-overworld-0417

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