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By Next Wave / 23 April

We’re pretty stoked with our Next Wave App. It allows you to easily navigate your way through the festival – a godsend considering our jam-packed line-up. One feature we’re particularly proud of though, is the intimate, unique and hilarious artist-submitted content that accompanies several projects.

Using the  ‘extras’ tab on each project page, check out videos, music, stories and anecdotes – all of that juicy good stuff –  giving you further insight into our artists and their work.

NWF 2014 artist Georgie Mattingley has created an incredible amount of extra content to accompany her project We ♥ Abattoir, which explores the world of Melbourne’s abattoir workers  in a series of intimate and kitsch portraits. A meat worker herself, Georgie presents us with the personal stories of the people who provide our meat, humanising the world of industrial slaughter.

Along with an exhibition at The Substation, Georgie’s portraits can be found in public spaces across Melbourne and Colac. As you arrive at each location, the app (which is hooked up to your GPS) allows you to discover the stories behind each portrait. Simply click ‘nearby’ in the main menu and the closest We ♥ Abattoir project will pop up. In ‘extras’ you can find interviews with abattoir employees, behind-the-scenes videos and anecdotes from Georgie’s own experience in the industry.

In a video tutorial you can even learn how to cook authentic Cháo Lòng, while in other posts there are stories of love and friendship found within the abattoir walls. Georgie has also interviewed eminent ethicist Peter Singer for the project. Their thought-provoking conversation on the ethics of slaughter makes for great listening (perfect as you PT to your next event).

Discover Gerogies’s world and get inside We ♥ Abattoir. Download the app here.

Image: Georgie Mattingley

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