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NW artists on Pozible

By Next Wave / 2 April

Yep. We came, we launched, it’s official – the 2014 Next Wave Festival is right around the corner. If you haven’t already, take a squiz at the program. We’re pretty damn proud.

Before things get well and truly underway, a few of our artists are still seeking a little extra support to put the final touches on their projects. We’ve added a few new campaigns to our Pozible Collection, while others have wrapped up ahead of their targets!

Spare as much or as little as you like – every cent enables our artists realise their full potential and make sure their NWF 2014 projects are shit-hot. There’s also some pretty nice rewards on offer, like limited edition prints, new music, backstage passes, A SPELL PACK, tea-towels and of course tickets galore.

Check out the full list of Next Wave Festival 2014 Pozible campaigns here.

Image: Gregory Lorenzutti

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