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NWF14 at Arts House

By Next Wave / 30 April

Worried about how you are going to see as much Next Wave Festival as possible? We hear yah! There is A WHOLE LOT of great stuff happening right now and we want to make things as easy as possible. We’ve said it before, and we’ll probably say it again, the app is the best way to plan your festival experience (it sets event reminders on your phone and you can map an itinerary of  free events using ‘Free Rides’).

Also, because Next Wave Festival spreads out across Melbourne, another good way to squeeze in as much as possible is to plan your time around locations. We have eight events happening at North Melbourne’s Arts House over the next fortnight so we suggest making the most of it by seeing a few shows in one evening. We’ve even helped you do it with some extra special ticket offers for our Arts House Shows. Stack them in and get sweet discounts. Sweet deal.

Meat Market Marathon
Push, flex and sweat it out at the Meat Market with three shows, spanning dance, performance and physical theatre.  Natalie Abbott’s MAXIMUM puts endurance to the test as dance and bodybuilding go head to head. Theatre babes I’m Trying to Kiss You explore body image and the pressures women face to be perfect in Madonna Arms. Top off the night with Netherlands-based New Heroes, who invite you to fight, talk and blow up ideas in The Club 3.0.

Full price $45, Concession $36 Buy tickets here.

Townie Triathalon
At the North Melbourne Town Hall, you get a mix of sculpture, performance and dance-theatre, with a side of bloody violence. Explore Matthias Schack- Arnott’s gigantic percussion installation Fluvial, or join in the fervor of Shian Law’s dance installation Personal Mythologies. Top off your night with Filipino/ Australian collaboration A Wake: Kids Killing Kids. Through a combination of live performance, interview footage, personal stories and open discussion, A Wake examines the qualities of cross-cultural exchange,  and the nature of onstage violence.

Full Price $30. Buy tickets here

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