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Henry Jock Walker & Rosemary Willink at West Space

By Next Wave / 9 April

Two more Next Wave Festival 2014 projects are opening this week at West Space ahead of our official launch festivities on 16 April.

Taking over the Front Space, Emerging Curator Rosemary Willink presents Can we please play the internet? The exhibition features new work by artists from Italy, Australia, the US and the UK who engage with the internet as a ubiquitous presence in their practice. As projects unfold both online and in the gallery space, Can we please play the internet? broadens the user experience and the physical context of what we have come to understand as Internet Art.

Meanwhile in Gallery 1,  Henry Jock Walker unloads his Toyota Hiace, a portable studio/gallery/workshop/painting machine also known as Henry’s Mobile Studio. After travelling over 20,000km around Australia using the entire nation as a canvas, audiences are invited to meet the HMS characters and expand the journey through an array of interactive art-making projects.

Both projects open this Thursday night, so head on down to West Space to tip a couple in and check out two pretty special exhibitions. 

Can we please play the internet? and Henry’s Mobile Studio

Opening: Thurs 10 April 6 – 8 pm
Gallery Hours: Tue to Sat 12 – 6pm
Dates: 11 April – 11 May

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