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Text Camp Typewriter: Eleanor Zeichner

By Next Wave / 10 April

TEXT CAMP is Next Wave’s flagship arts writing mentorship program. The first post in our Text Camp Typewriter series is from Eleanor Zeichner who is mentored by Exeunt (UK)’s Diana Damian.


“Sarah Shared Next Wave’s Link”

DISCLAIMER: This thread and the characters within it are a work of speculative fiction and exist only in the imaginings of the author.

TEXT CAMP is Next Wave’s flagship arts writing mentorship program. It aims to support the next generation of arts writers in Australia by providing professional development opportunities, brokering new relationships with peers and industry professionals and offering young writers the chance to see their work reach new readership. Next Wave’s emerging arts writers have been invited to respond to the theme of New Grand Narrative by seeking out alternative narratives within Next Wave Festival and beyond.

Eleanor Zeichner is an arts administrator and emerging writer with an interest in performative and ephemeral art practices. She has written for Runway, The Melbourne Review and Artery, and has worked for a range of non-profit, government, public and commercial arts organisations. She is also a co-director of Critical Animals, an annual festival which presents experimental research by emerging writers and artists as part of This is Not Art in Newcastle.Follow her on twitter @EleanorZeichner

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