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Thank you Kuwaii

By Next Wave / 29 April

If you’ve attended the Festival so far chances are you have noticed my feet. Why? Because they are GOLD (gold!). I scored these amazing gold loafers from local Melbourne designers Kuwaii and happily these wonderful women are also dressing me throughout the Festival via their gorgeous current collection, Palladian 14.

And thank goodness they did. Yesterday morning before work I was so deeply concentrating on other stuff that I started to clean my face with nail polish remover instead of makeup remover…

So let us all give a massive round of applause to Kuwaii for ensuring I straighten up and fly right, have something to wear that’s not a bedsheet, and have beautiful threads that match the golden shining of the art in this Festival.


Check out the full collection here or make friends with them on insta. Go on, you know you want to.

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