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SUPER PASS #1 3 May 2014

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Events On This Pass

Breakfast Club

Deborah Pearson

3 May - 11 May, at The Wheeler Centre & 1 other venue

Next Wave's popular, unique discussion series covering chaos, climate change, conservatism and Aboriginal culture.

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My Bullock Modified

Steaphan Paton

3 May - 11 May, at Melbourne Museum

A site-specific, interactive, work based around narratives of early conflict between Aboriginal landowners and European squatters in Australia.

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Why Not Walk Backward?

Liang Luscombe and Brooke Babington

2 May - 11 May, at Gertrude Contemporary

An exhibition that works at the intersection of performance and appropriation to address issues of temporality.

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Dylan Sheridan

1 May - 11 May, at Northcote Town Hall

An intimate and surreal new opera, exploring ideas of genetic memory, recurring dreams and the relationship between personal and collective health.

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Hello There, We’ve Been Waiting For You

Samara Hersch & Louris van de Geer

30 April - 11 May, at ACMI Studio 1

A theatre production inspired by a town that changed its name to Truth or Consequences, investigating the politics of identity, history and happiness.

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The 떡볶이 Box (The Dokboki Box)

Nathan Stoneham, Younghee Park & M’ck McKeague

1 May - 11 May, at Federation Square - River Walk

The 떡볶이 Box (The Dokboki Box). Live music and performance inside a street side snack stall all the way from Seoul.

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