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A Wake: Kids Killing Kids

Too Many Weapons & The Sipat Lawin Ensemble

1 May - 11 May, at Arts House - North Melbourne Town Hall

An international collaborative performance that examines the nature of onstage violence.

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Golden Solution

2 May - 10 May, at Goodtime Studios & 1 other venue

A three-part series investigating the collective consciousness, systems of balance and control through participatory works and performances.

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Article 14.1

Phuong Ngo

1 May - 11 May, at No Vacancy Gallery & 1 other venue

An endurance performance piece that explores the Vietnamese migrant narrative and experience.

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Blak Wave

16 April, at The Wheeler Centre

Next Wave's keynote project. A major publications and talks program exploring what’s personally, politically and artistically next for Australia’s First Peoples.

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Blak Wave – Artist Panel

Carly Sheppard & Sean Jorvn

3 May, at Tower Theatre, Malthouse Theatre

Producer Jason Tamiru hosts a conversation on contemporary Indigenous performance practice with Colin Kinchela, Gavin Walters, Carly Sheppard and others.

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Blak Wave – Artist Roundtable

Megan Cope & Ryan Presley

4 May, at Festival Club - Shebeen

Hear Next Wave artists Megan Cope and Ryan Presley in conversation with Kimberley Moulton, Project Officer for Bunjilaka Aboriginal Cultural Centre at Melbourne Museum.

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Blak Wave – Breakfast Club

10 May, at The Wheeler Centre

How do we listen when we can’t hear? A panel of Indigenous arts workers wade through white noise and good intentions to examine cross-cultural relations and arts participation.

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Breakfast Club

Deborah Pearson

3 May - 11 May, at The Wheeler Centre & 1 other venue

Next Wave's popular, unique discussion series covering chaos, climate change, conservatism and Aboriginal culture.

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Can We Please Play The Internet?

Rosemary Willink

10 April - 11 May, at West Space

An exhibition of new work by artists from Italy, Australia, the US and the UK who engage with the internet as a ubiquitous presence in their practice.

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Concerto No. 3

Sarah-Jane Norman

10 May, at Melba Hall

A durational performance whereby six "failed" pianists will attempt to sight-read Rachmaninoff's Concerto No. 3.

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4 May, at Festival Club - Shebeen

Part of Next Wave's free talks program, covering sexism, arts criticism, belonging, rebellion and tomorrow.

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Das Boot

Esther Stewart & Oscar Perry

10 May - 11 May, at Arts House Meat Market Car Park

A reinterpretation of a car boot sale, a range of established and emerging artists present an eclectic mix of work, transforming an empty carpark into a bustling exhibition site.

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Drifting Right

Deborah Pearson

7 May - 11 May, at Fairfield Park Boathouse & 1 other venue

A one-on-one conversation in a canoe with a Conservative voter.

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Matthias Schack-Arnott

1 May - 11 May, at Arts House - North Melbourne Town Hall

A performance-installation percussion work, crafted from a metal, glass and stone.

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Gardens Speak

Tania El Khoury

1 May - 11 May, at Arts House - Meat Market

An anti-monument, participatory artwork and a testimony to Syrian activists who died during their struggle for freedom.

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Hello There, We’ve Been Waiting For You

Samara Hersch & Louris van de Geer

30 April - 11 May, at ACMI Studio 1

A theatre production inspired by a town that changed its name to Truth or Consequences, investigating the politics of identity, history and happiness.

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Henry’s Mobile Studio

Henry Jock Walker

16 April - 11 May, at West Space & 2 other venues

An exhibition from the Mobile Studio's tour of Australia, featuring collaborative performances, artist talks and workshops.

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James Welsby

6 May - 11 May, at fortyfivedownstairs

A new feature-length dance piece that asks how the generation born during the HIV/ AIDS crisis can comprehend its impact on contemporary queer identity.

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Brienna Macnish

1 May - 11 May, at A Kensington residence, address provided on booking

A new site-specific audio work exploring what it is like to grow older in Australia today.

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Lesser Gods

Ryan Presley

1 May - 17 May, at No Vacancy Project Space

An immersive amalgamation of sound, moving image and interactivity to evoke spiritual traditions and re-position them in contemporary dialogue.

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Madonna Arms

I’m Trying To Kiss You

1 May - 11 May, at Arts House - Meat Market

A fantastical exploration of the ways in which power, strength and fitness live and die in the bodies and psyches of young women.

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Natalie Abbott

1 May - 11 May, at Arts House - Meat Market

A dancer. A bodybuilder. Endurance. Durability. MAXIMUM is a live dance performance shifting the energy and dynamics of the performance space.

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My Bullock Modified

Steaphan Paton

3 May - 11 May, at Melbourne Museum

A site-specific, interactive, work based around narratives of early conflict between Aboriginal landowners and European squatters in Australia.

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Giselle Stanborough

23 April - 11 May, at Various Next Wave Festival 2014

A participatory art project where participants attend one-on-one 'art dates' with the artist.

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Rebecca Jensen & Sarah Aiken

30 April - 11 May, at The Substation

An immersive dance work exploring how we access and broadcast information online, how we connect, what is real and what is not.

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Personal Mythologies

Shian Law

1 May - 11 May, at Arts House - North Melbourne Townhall

A large scale performative work using non-dance performers and spectators bodies to investigate the power relations of authorship vs. spectatorship

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Precious Metals

Sophie Kitson

27 March - 25 May, at Centre for Contemporary Photography

An exhibition of photographs by 25-year-old, Sydney-based artist, Jack Mannix, whose distinctive images evoke both intimacy and energy.

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Rebellion and Tomorrow

Phuong Ngo & Georgie Mattingley

29 April, at The Wheeler Centre

Part of Next Wave's free talks program, covering sexism, arts criticism, belonging, rebellion and tomorrow.

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Sean Jorvn

30 April - 11 May, at Tower Theatre - Malthouse Theatre

An interdisciplinary theatre piece exploring themes of masculinity, manhood and initiation across Blackfulla/Whitefulla cultures through the shaving ritual.

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bomb collective

1 May - 11 May, at State Library of Victoria

A live public artwork that will see a team of artists compulsively clean a portion of the city. This is architecture without the building.

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Smell You Later

Katie Lenanton

1 May - 11 May, at 45 Downstairs & 15 other venues

A series of scent-based encounters embedded within select festival venues.

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Dylan Sheridan

1 May - 11 May, at Northcote Town Hall

An intimate and surreal new opera, exploring ideas of genetic memory, recurring dreams and the relationship between personal and collective health.

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The Blaktism

Megan Cope

1 May - 14 May, at Screen Space

A satirical new media work exploring Meganʼs recent experience in obtaining her 'Certificate of Aboriginality’.

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The Club 3.0

New Heroes

1 May - 11 May, at Arts House - Meat Market

A challenging participatory performance work that asks: what are we fighting for? And what is a good fight?

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The Testosterdome

Jackson Stacy

1 May - 11 May, at Fort Delta

A puberty-themed video game arcade world presented as an interactive gaming installation.

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The 떡볶이 Box (The Dokboki Box)

Nathan Stoneham, Younghee Park & M’ck McKeague

1 May - 11 May, at Federation Square - River Walk

The 떡볶이 Box (The Dokboki Box). Live music and performance inside a street side snack stall all the way from Seoul.

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Raghav Handa

2 April - 10 May, at Dancehouse

A contemporary dance work exploring how lineage and rites of passage transcend borders, inspired by Raghav's own migration to Australia as a young man.

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Wael Zuaiter: Unknown

Creative Nonfiction

29 April - 11 May, at Theatre Works

A new theatre work blending documentary, radio and the graphic novel to investigate the assassination of a Palestinian activist.

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Georgie Mattingley

30 April - 8 June, at The Substation & 19 other venues

An exhibition that presents a series of intimate and colourfully kitsch portraits of Victoria’s abattoir workers in public spaces across Melbourne.

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White Face

Carly Sheppard

6 May - 11 May, at Footscray Community Arts Centre

A contemporary dance-theatre work which examines the social, cultural and personal impact of the 1937 Aboriginal Assimilation Policy.

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Why Not Walk Backward?

Liang Luscombe and Brooke Babington

2 May - 11 May, at Gertrude Contemporary

An exhibition that works at the intersection of performance and appropriation to address issues of temporality.

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Winds of Woerr

Ghenoa Gela

6 May - 11 May, at Northcote Town Hall

A cross-cultural dance piece inspired by the stories of Ghenoa's family, telling the story of the Four Winds of the Torres Straits.

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