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2013-14 Collective


This badge designates projects and programs made possible through the generosity of the Next Wave Collective.


LOVERS (8hrs volunteered time or $50+ donation)
Alan Rogers, Alex Sadka, Bek Berger, Brad Spolding, Briony Leo, Carl Nilsson-Polias, Christine Cham, Christopher Bryant, Clare McKenzie, Elizabeth den Dulk, Joanna Kosowski, Joanne Lichti, Joe Scott, John Wilson, Karen Whitney, Lucinda Florence, Lucy Schuman, Madeleine Flynn & Tim Humphrey, Michelle Gordon, Ollie Kas, Rachael Thorne, Sabina Eklund, Simon Abrahams, Stephanie Lyall, Sue Ball

MAKERS (Art work valued at $300+ or $200+ donation)
Alex Benjamin, Alex Cuffe, Amy Spiers, Angharad Wynne-Jones, Annette Vieusseux, Anson Parker, Briony Galligan and Rafaella McDonald, Dara Gill, Debra Morgan, Eloise Curry, Emily Sexton and friends, Eugenia Lim, Henry Jock Walker, Jessie Scott, Kate Sulan, Libby Sexton/ Tim Sexton, Lucy Guerin, Martyn Coutts, Max Milne, Megan Cope, Melanie Upton, Phuong Ngo, Rachel Feery, Renee Cosgrave, Simone Schinkel, Steaphan Paton, Stephen Armstrong, Tai Snaith, Tanja Milbourne, The Sisters Hayes, Tully Arnot

MOVERS (Product/service valued at $2,000+ or $1,000+ donation)
Abdul Abdullah, Nathan Beard and Casey Ayers, Emma Telfer, Ming-Zhu Hii, Mountain Goat, Patrick Szetho, Wendy Lasica & David Niall

SHAKERS ($5,000 donation towards an individual artist)
Daniel & Danielle Besen, Kier Foundation, The Local Collection

FUTURE SHAPERS ($10,000 donation towards a large-scale Festival work)

For more information on the Next Wave Collective and how you can get involved visit our organisational site here

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