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Next Wave Collective

Support for Next Wave doesn’t always come from deep pockets. More often, big hearts. The Next Wave Collective represents our overlapping community of artists, art lovers, volunteers, collectors, philanthropists and local businesses who pledge their support in whatever way they can. This means money, as well as  time, resources, art and space. Welcome to the next frontier of Australian philanthropy.

Next Wave Collective members get access to an exclusive events program, including art walks, talks and sneak peeks – as we build towards the next Next Wave.

LOVERS | 8hrs volunteered time or $50 donation

MAKERS Artwork valued at $300 or $200 donation

MOVERS | Product/service valued at $2,000+ or $1,000 donation

SHAKERS | $5,000 donation 

FUTURE-SHAPERS | $10,000 donation 

Get to know us a little better, come closer…

For more information on the Next Wave Collective and how you can get involved, please contact our Marketing & Development Manager Nicole on 03 9329 9422 or visit our org site

We respect your privacy, you will choose what to share. For more information refer to our terms and conditions.

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