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Terms and Conditions

Exchanges and Refunds

All bookings are final. After a ticket reservation has been confirmed, any changes of personal circumstance do not entitled you to cancel, refund, or exchange your tickets.

Refunds are only available if the event is:

  • Cancelled
  • Rescheduled
  • Significantly re-located (For a significantly re-located Event to create the entitlement to a refund, the nature of the experience and/or geographic location of the Event must be fundamentally altered by the change of Venue)

Reselling tickets

If you find that you are unable to make the event after purchasing tickets, you are welcome to sell your tickets to someone else, provided the value of the sale does not exceed face value.

Refusal of Entry

Venues reserve the right to refuse entry if:

  • you are unable to produce a valid ticket, or verify your name against a venue’s doorlist
  • you cannot provide proof of concession where a concession ticket has been purchased
  • you do not meet the venue’s conditions of entry
  • if you arrive after the event has commenced

We respect your privacy, you will choose what to share. For more information refer to our terms and conditions.

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